Winter Projects

Last year my one goal was to make the barn a warm cozy place for both woman and beast. As long as Suzi allows Big D into the shelter it is a workable space.

This years goals are more show prep, therefore more fun! First, to complete my customization of my cute trailer. Second, GET A TRUCK TO PULL SAID TRAILER!! Last but in no way least, is the ongoing preparation to bring Suzi to the top peak of her performance.  That will include getting her to the point that she responds softly to a kindergarteners touch. Not an easy task, but I think both Suzi and Elli are up to the challenge.

Lord , I will need strength for today. The road ahead is a completely new jouney. I have never been to this part of life before. Be my GPS, I do not recognize the scenery,  or the landmarks, or the sign posts.

Set me free to follow Your lead.

Your Word says- The Lord heard me and set me in a large place. I need to revisit that psalm and let it speak to me in this new place I have found myself. How fast a life can change. Walk with me Sweet Holy Spirit so I will go from glory to glory, and not from worse to worse .

Love You Amen.


Home Sick Home

It is ironic that I started a blog at this moment in time. The day after I set it up, with bright and shiny ideas of having a record of all the different facets of my life, my life course took a turn onto a dark dirt road.

My husband fell in our kitchen and sustained a subdural hematoma. We spent five days in the hospital. When we came home every thing had to change. My mother who was living with us had to go to the nursing home because I no longer could take the 24 hour care she needed plus the 24 hour care of my husband. Not enough hours in the day. My husband may never drive again, that remains to be seen. We have appointments with neurologists, cardiologists,  diabetic specialists, and whatever you call an eye doctor who is also a surgeon. 

So this life path has changed. I do not know what the future holds.

The title home sick home is a double play on words. No longer a home sweet home, full of laughter song and light. More like a depressing nursing home at home at the moment. If I thought taking care of my mom was time consuming, I didn’t know what time consuming was until now. So it also means I am home sick, for my past hard luck home life. 

Thinking what I want this to look like.

There are so many ideas I have for this blog. So many things I want to include and I know just how I want it to look. It will take time to learn how to find and learn to useful the tools I need to express myself as I want to, and to feel that I am being a mirror to my inner spirit.

Being an artist and designer I want to feel at home on these pages. That definitely means this must be a pretty place, not sterile as it is on this first week. I want every page to have its own look. Its own personality. The page about my home needs to look victorian because that is my home. The page about the barn I want to look rugged and western, designer western. The page for music needs a textured background because I will be videotaping my songs. I want you to center your attention on the music and not have distraction. It will need to be complimentary to lots of colors and scenery because I am going to video my music in a church, in a field of sunflowers, at the horses, in a meadow, at a horse show, in the saddle, on a car…I don’t know, just anywhere! Poems and prayers and promises can be more bold. It can be decorative on its own. Jesus in Jeans, needs to be just that. Old worn out blue jeans.

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Self Portrait

Queen of her castle,  built with laughter song and light,

She lives within the candle glow that softs the darkest night.

Closets full of fantasy opened as a page,

  • She lives her life with victorian charm, amid the sin filled age.

Queen of her kingdom, mistress of mood,

Child of charity she.

My Lady she’s a lover , but, the holder of the KEY.